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Term & Condition

In consideration of the mutual terms and conditions contained herein
1. I/We confirm shall be bound by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations embodied by the application from of which a copy  has been shown and read me by the companies representative prior to my  application.
2. This application  terms and condition constitutes the entire agreement between the number and the companies and no other promises, representative ,guarantees of any kind shall be valid unless given in writing by the  Companies authorized signatory. 
3. I/We here by authorize the companies to store and transmit the data on my application from in any manner they deem fit.
4. The member will be allotted plots on first cum first serve basis.
5. Allotment will stand if the member has paid a minimum of 80% of total sales price.
6. Corner plots carries 50% extra cost. Plots adjoining the main road will be cost 30%   extra  .The cost will be calculated taking into the account of both scheme period and price as mentioned in the brochure.
7. The cost of land per sq. ft .  may be increased at any time without any prior notice depending on the cost of land procurement.
8. The layout map can be changed to make the project more attractive.
9. Only one month, three month and six month scheme members can choose their plot as very vacancy in any project of the company.
10. Members can apply for up-gradation their scheme period as per the payment schedule opted for.
11.a. If a member fails to pay as per the payment schedule he will be automatically downgraded to the very next scheme period and the made payment for the above mentioned scheme will be adjusted as per the payment schedule of the said downgraded scheme.
 b. The excess amount (if any) can be refunded as per the wishes of the member after deduction of service charge by the company. However no service charge deduction  will be there if the excess amount (if any) held by the company with the wishes of the member.
12.   After adjustment of excess amount (if any)  if the member does not pay for a continuous period of three months his membership will be deleted and the agreement/allotment will be cancelled as per the company rules.
13. If a member wishes to  cancel his/her membership he/she has to applying in writing, refund will be made after a deduction of service charge of Rs.10,000/(Ten thousand) and the member will get back his/her refunded amount( if any) By the shape of one or multiple account payee  cheque (s) after 90 days from the date of receipt of application.
14. If in actual measurement the area exceed is less than the unit area, the difference in cost will be borne by the member or the company respectively.
15. The company will not be responsible for any loss caused by any act of nature or act of the state.
16 .Revenue conversion charges including any further increment is will be borne by the member.
17. The registration charges including stamp duty  allied expenses/ all applicable taxes will be borne by the member.
18. All postal communication will be sent at the address mentioned in the application form. Members should keep the company informed of any charges in postal address.
19. The company reserves to right of accepting of rejecting any application received.
20. All legal matters come under Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.
21. I /We confirm I/We   understood the legality of the said plots(s), gone through the legal documents and verified and satisfied to the best of my knowledge prior to my /us singing the application.
22. In the event of any dispute arising between the member and the company relating to any matter with this application from or the subject there of or in relation there to and whether as to construction or otherwise the same shall be referred for arbitration under the arbitration and conciliation act 1996.The company shall appoint a sole arbitrator who shall be an advocate. The  award  by  made by the sole  arbitrator shall be final and binding on the both of parties..The venue of arbitration shall be Cuttack city only.
23. I/We agree that any future addition/deletion/notified to his application terms and conditions shall the binding on me as modified by the company.
24. I/We acknowledge that I/We have read and agree to the term  setforth in this application terms and conditions.

Jyotshna Vihar Phase-I
  Pratap Nagari, NH-5, Cuttack
Jyotshna Vihar Phase-II
  Pratap Nagari, NH-5, Cuttack
Bhupatti Vihar
  at Anatapur, Phulnakhara
Pristine Park
  Housing project at Bamphakuda,Phulnakhara Chawak.
Patitapaban Minique
  Mega Plotted Scheme, Hansapal, Nh-5, Near Bhubaneswar