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Welcome to Pristine Park
Namaskar! We are here to give you happy homes at competitive prices and at clean beautiful locations. Please browse through our website. We are sure you will like something or the other. If you are considering purchasing a house or plot you have come to the right place. We have various projects in our hands to suit your purpose. We are sure that you will make a wise and profitable decision. Many investors have profited from investing with us. We encourage you to acquire a valuable property which will give you satisfaction in future.

Happiness is a college of events
The elevated/podium garden allows children as well as aged people for spending outdoor activity time first at first floor level. Podium garden is elevated lawn with natural grass,flora, fauna and jogging track, recreational area.The aged people or a pregnet lady need not to go to around leble, rather they can take a wall with a parambulator at first floor podium garden which is decorated with garden furniture, shaded with trees.
All the flats are conncted by corridors and several no. of lifts and staircases, these allow people to keep smiling relations without even going to ground level.It also gives 199% safety from theft and burglary.

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