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The project is located at N.H-5 at Pratap Nagari, in the midest of lovely greenery, a clean eco-friendly environment with loving neighborhood of the silver city, Cuttack and the most covered locality of the twin city of Cuttack  and Bhubaneswar. It is just an attempt to break the confines of the silvercity between the two rivers, Mahanadi
and  Kathajodi  and to give a better mileage to your dreams at an affordable price. It is one of the largest and beautifully designed plotted schemes keeping in view the taste  and performance of the general mass.
Silent Features:
Project will be provided with a black-top connecting road High-way.
30 ft main road and 20ft sub roads are provided in the project.
Litigation free and free hold (stitiban) land.
Immediate registration and possession.
Provision for plantation, Electicity and Telephone facilities, Market Area PHC building, school and Common utility area.
It is 5 kms from cuttack and 12 kms from Bhubaneswar.
8 kms from SCB medical college , 7kms from Badmbadi Bus stand and cuttack, Rly station.
Police station , school , Dispensary Market, postoffice all are near by.
30 ft main road and 20ft sub road.
Measuring area 2000 sq.Ft onwards.
Allotment stands at First come first serve basis.
Location Map:

About :

The project “BHUPATI VIHAR” is located at Nakhara. The center point between Bhubaneswar  and Cuttack on Niali   Adaspur Road. The distance is 10 kms from Bhubaneswar and 10 kms from cuttack.

Silent Features:
Project will be provided with a black-top connecting road from High-way.
30 ft main road and 20ft sub roads are provided in the project.
Litigation free and free hold (stitiban) land.
Immediate registration and possession.
Provision for plantation, Electricity and Telephone facilities, Market Area PHC building, school and Common utility area.
It is 10 kms from Cuttack and 10 kms Bhubaneswar.
It is 15 kms from Rly station.
It is 20 kms from Biju patnaik Airport.
School, college , police station, Dispensary ,market, postoffice all near by.
30ft main road and 20 ft subroad.
Measuring area 2000sq ft onwards.
Allotment stands at first come list serve basis.
Near Delhi public school.
Near EAST engineering college.
Near ocean world water sports.
Maidharpada P.H.C and police station.
Near synergy college.
Location Map:

Happiness is a collage of events
The elevated/podium garden allows children as well as aged people for spending outdoor activity time first at first floor level. Podium garden is elevated lawn with natural grass,flora, fauna and jogging track, recreational area.The aged people or a pregnet lady need not to go to around leble, rather they can take a wall with a parambulator at first floor podium garden which is decorated with garden furniture, shaded with trees.


All the flats are conncted by corridors and several no. of lifts and staircases, these allow people to keep smiling relations without even going to ground level.It also gives 199% safety from theft and burglary.
The project site is on the NH-5 for vehicular convenience and yet a bit away from NH-5 for calmness, safety and security.
The entrance gate & entry hi-max light arrangements are seen from NH-5.
42’-0” height entrance gate with cctv camera and medicare facility and 24x4 security personnel quarter is provided at the gate complex.
Huge green space for spending time with family after the days hard work.
Quality construction and earthquake resistant building.
very very low priced flats for first phase of this project and very little profit margin for this phase.
Architecture design is obtained from highly reputed mainly kolkota based architectural firm and landscape design concept is obtained from Sydney Australia.
Within close vicinity of major hospital and upcoming corporate hubs and prestigious showrooms.
Lush green neighbourhood.
Happiness gives smile with world class specifications :

Foundation:  Isolated footing foundation.
Super sytructure: R.C.C framed structure with 1st class K.B . bricks or fly ash bricks.
Wall finish: Internal finish:wall putty & plastic paint.
External finish:  Weather coat.
Flooring: 2’X2’ full body vitrified tiles flooring.Marble flooring in stair cases.
Doors: Main doors-Salwood frame with teak wood panel.
Other doors: Flush door.
Windows: Aluminium framed glass shutter.
Kitchen: Cladding of tiles 2’ height above platform. Granites stone slab in kitchen platform.
Bath room: Standard fittings.
Lift: 8  passsenger capacity lift.
Security: Round the clock security  with trained personnel.

Mode of Payment
On Booking :.....15%
First installment on Allotment :.....20%
Second Installment on Completion of Foundation :.....15%
Third Installment on Roof Casting :.....15%
Fourth Installment on Brick work :.....15%
Fifth Installment Plastering flooring & P.H.E fitting :.....15%
Sixth installment on Handover :.....5%
Bhubaneswar : 10 km.
Cuttack : 10 km.
Airport : 15 km.
Railway Station : 15 km.
Bus Stop : 1 km.
S.C.B Medical College : 11 km.
Delhi Public School : 1 km.
Market : 1 km.
Utkal University : 10 km.

Happiness is all about being with nature, being safe and getting all comfort  zone within reach…

24 Hours Security Service.
24 Hours Health Service.
Water Treatment Plan.
Common Corridor.
Power back-up system.
Podium Garden.
Vechicle Parking Place.
Visitors Car Parking Area.
Visitors waiting Room.
Open Space.
Driver & Servant rest shade.
A.C. Community Hall.
A.C. Health Club.
Lawn Tennis.
Badminton Court.
Children Garden.
Swimming Pool.
Party Lawn.
Location Map:



1.The interminding (s) has/have applied for allotment of flat with knowledge to all laws, by  laws, Notification & rules applicable to this project, which has been well explanned exhibiting all documents by the company and fully understood by him/her.

2.The prospective purchaser (s) is well informed about the right and interest of the company over the said land and project its limitation & obligations in respect of the same.

3.The prospective purchaser (s) has/have fully verified and understood himself/herself  regarding the genuineness of the title of the said land over which the proposed apartment will be constructed and  there will not be any objections by the prospective purchaser (s) in this regard in future.

4.It is also agreed that in case of surrender/cancellation the amount of deposit  shall be refund with out any interest with in 91 days of the receipt of the  application for  cancellation/surrender & after deduction of Rs 35,ooo/-(Thirty five thousand) of the total deposited booking amount towards individual  planning/services provided/processing charges.

5.It is also agreed that the purchaser fails to take the procession within 45 days from the date of intimation for  possession, WATCH & WARD charges @Rs 2,000/- per month hall be payable by the purchaser  from the date of intimation .

6.The company will construct the building  in  accordance with the approved plane of B.D.O & as per the construction specification  given in the broacher   of behalf of the purchaser (s).

7.The company reserves  the right to effect suitable or necessary charge or alterations in the building plan at the original rate of booking.

8.The company will be  intimate the revised price to the purchaser (s) in case of charges in the plan at the original rate of booking.

9.The prospective purchaser (s) will intimate the company in writing well in advance regardling any additional work or items  and such acceptance  is purely at the discretion of the company.

10. The bill amount for such additional work shall be determined & prepared by the company based on the prevailing price and after acceptance of such bill by the purchaser (s) only. Such work will executed.

11.The prospective purchaser (s) shall not assign or transfer  in any interest in the land on building without prior written permission of the company until the company on full payment of dues completes final handing over.

12.In case of death of purchaser (s) before taking possession of the house, the said property can only be handed over to his/her claim provided such nominee as mentioned in the application form submitted to the company & after receiving relevant legal papers in support his/her claim  provided such nominee performs & fulfills all the terms & conditions embodied in the land and construction agreement.

13. The responsibility for making payments in time or before due date is of the purchaser (s) .The company will not be duty bound to issue any notice for making  payments.

14.In case the purchaser decided to transfer  the allotted flat at his/her own responsibility to any other person during his installment period he would have to deposit Rs 5,000/- with the company for processing charges.

15.In addition to the cost of the  house purchaser (s) has to pay the following.
       I. Registration expenses for execution of the sale deed.
      ii.Water/Electrical expenses such as installation of common transfer, power back up.
      Generator services connection, electrical metre charges etc @Rs 70,300/- for one flat
     iii.Garage cost @Rs 99,200/- Extra.
      iv.Company has provided driver/servent rest shade.
      v.Company has paid transporation facilities.

 16.The purchaser shall entertain no surrender after taking possession.

17.Subsequent to the allotment of the house all tax charges if any lived during the execution in future by the Govt of any authority on the land  or building shall be exclusively burn by the prospective(s).

18.All dispute relating present allotment shall be resolved mutually failing which the same shall be referred to arbitration processing shall be held at cuttack, Orissa and the  award shall be binding on the both theparties.

19.The purchaser (s)   is to intimate by the regd post as to any change of the address  to the company immediately.

20.The purchase (s) of shall execute memorandum of evidencing of taking position at the time of handling over the position of the house as per the proforma supplied by the company.

21.The house shall not be used for purpose other than the specific purpose for which it is interned.

22.The allotment of flat is purely at the discretion of the company and the company has the right to reject any after without assigning any reason there of Cuttack court alone shall have jurisdiction in all matters of disputes that may arise out of and or concerning the transaction.

23.The purchaser (s) after he/she/they become (s) the owner consequent upon the execution of sale deed and taking over possession shall be entitled to executive inheritable and transferable right over the flat.

24.Payment of flat price amount in case be the subscribers to the authorized field officer .Agent Employees of the company is strict not allowed for deviation of the same the company shall not be responsible liable for such payment in any manner .Payment should be  made on cash/A/C  payee Cheque/bank demand draft favouring  RAGHUPATEEESTATE & HOLDING.

I/We have & understood the term conditions mentioned above & I/We agree to abide & bound by the same.

Cuttack                                                                                                          Full signature of Applicants

Jyotshna Vihar Phase-I
  Pratap Nagari, NH-5, Cuttack
Jyotshna Vihar Phase-II
  Pratap Nagari, NH-5, Cuttack
Bhupatti Vihar
  at Anatapur, Phulnakhara
Pristine Park
  Housing project at Bamphakuda,Phulnakhara Chawak.
Patitapaban Minique
  Mega Plotted Scheme, Hansapal, Nh-5, Near Bhubaneswar